Local Body Elections

Well it’s been a while since my last post, as have been busy with, the words of Douglas Adams, the life, the universe and everything.

There is another week to vote for local body elections. Please do so. Your vote is important. For me I’m fortunate to be able as a multi property owner/resider to be able to multi vote in multi areas, but I am only voting once in Christchurch and in Burwood Pegasus in 2013. Many local people have asked my views. Burwood-Pegasus has been smashed by earthquakes, as it is where I grew up, and 33,744 other local people are also enrolled to vote, despite some views by outsiders that the area is empty…for what it is worth here are my votes…

In Christchurch in the Burwood Pegasus ward I’m voting Lianne for Mayor, which I’m sure shocks some… Not the least of which probably her!

I’m also voting Glenn Livingstone and Dave East for council as I think this is the best combination. Glenn is a moderate leftie and Dave has great skills and experience on the Community board, and is a true Eastie and a moderate righty.

For Community board I’m voting Tim Sintes, Stan Tawa, Mary Macammon, Mike Stevens, and Linda Stewart. This gives a good mix of new blood, views, experience and skills.

For CDHB I’m voting Wendy Gilchrist, David Morrell, Jo Kane, Andrew Dickerson, Aaron Keown, Sally Buck, and George Abraham. There are some standing who are charlatans, and others are just batty. Make sure you vote for at least 7!

That’s all for now folks šŸ™‚




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