Is it getting better yet?

It’s been a while for me to write here. The reality is I’ve been busy with a lovely life. However, what has became apparently in recent weeks is the world is a strange place and things in New Zealand are better then most. Having worked in China and visited ghost cities that were built to meet targets, but the population has probably peaked, a world banking on future growth forever at past rates there will be wrong. The Chinese economy now driving lower commodities across the world and is such a big part of the world, it has caused among other things the Aussie dream to stall, and flutters in NZ, and the world too.

In NZ we have seen this in many ways, record high migration, also because the Aussie dream is maybe temporally dulled, and low milk and oil prices. Being two of our largest exports (excluding people) I’m quite worried for the short run of our economy, as is the RBNZ. On the other hand, I also think other parts of our economy in both the food and beverage and software sector are actually doing quite well and more capital is moving that way rather than houses and pure farms. As someone who invests in both of the former and despite pressure stayed away from the latter sector, these are good moves. In the long run we need to sell brains not just commodities.

Meanwhile, those of you in Auckland still buying at 2% effective long term yields in property, enjoy it while it lasts good luck!



Well to welcome the first blogpost for 2014 been so busy that… Well so busy that was knocked off my bike and broke my elbow, still can’t lift or bend it, arm in horrible sling, and yes of course my left one. Goodbye to six weeks and everything else that this amazing summer has!

At least the cricket has been good!

Blogs and Media – the same but different

There has been plenty of chatter online about the issue of certain blogs seeking the protection of being treated as normal media in relation to sources they blog about when allegedly defaming people. Having been the subject of more than one pile of rubbish from media and the blogosphere this issue was recently bought to my attention.

For my 2c worth, I think this could all be resolved by the market and a decent Court ruling. That is if you seek the protection of media rules in whatever form you publish in then you need to abide by the rules that cover them including the (loose) regulation provided by the media council etc, if not then you can’t have it both ways.

This is no different to say other professions, you either gain the ability to public practice as a lawyer, teacher, accountant or whatever and follow the basic industry rules and protections that come with it, or you decide to try and practice outside those within the limits of the law. You can’t have it both ways.

Looking for an investor?

I’m on the lookout for an additional project/investment.

If anyone out there knows of anything that may be appropriate, let me know via email:


Broad Criteria:

– Prefer energy, food or technology early stage business investment with good long term growth prospects
– NZ domiciled, preferably Christchurch or Wellington based
– investment level of up to NZD 1 m and of course would come with my direct involvement too

Christchurch East By-election

So just to set the record straight. Nominations close for the by election at noon today, and to all those who keep asking me :

1. Yes I support a John Key led Government

2. No I am not running in 2013, for any other party nor as an independent

3. Yes I am still (one of the very few) a local Christchurch East National party member

4. No I have not met nor been involved with the National party Candidate Mr Doocey at all, although I left him a number of messages, and yes he is using my hoarding timber

5. Yes I will be voting in the by election as I care about my community

6. Yes I am very much enjoying being self employed and an employer of NZ jobs.

7. No I don’t want to talk to media anytime soon

Arohanui x


Christchurch Schools Announcement

Great to see finally today Minister Parata make an announcement today confirming the rebuild and relocation and co-location of my old school, Shirley Boys High, and its sister school, Avonside Girls High to an area in the East that is yet to be determined that is better to serve its catchment of north east Christchurch. This will basically see two brand new schools for a couple of thousand kids on a new site away from their current badly damaged ones but retain all their fine heritage.


This is something that along with all the hard working members of NESE led by the amazing Amanda Williams that we have been working towards for years, even before the quakes, and it all started with the petition that thousands signed a few years ago. The devil of course will be in the detail!

Census data released

Stats NZ has released the preliminary results from the Census and NZ has grown by a bit over 200,000 people since 2013. Most interestingly as expected my home Electorate of Christchurch East is short about 23% people compared to the average of about 60,000. On the other hand Auckland has so many people another new Electorate is needed. So what’s the big deal on this?

Well means more resources are proportionately allocated to Auckland schools, hospitals and voting power and less to the rest of NZ. Also will mean some major changes in Electorate boundaries in 2014 and some of the resulting impacts of that will be fascinated. More on all that some other time.